The Parish celebrates the following important feasts of our Church.

* Feast of St George during Second week of May

This is celebrated in a big way. Members join in the celebrations by taking Shares (Ohari). It is noteworthy that people from outside the Church and community join by subscribing to the shares in celebration.

A Perunnal Auction is conducted where members bring in their symbolic " First Fruits" for a fun filled competitive auction .

Nerchavilambu is also offered..

Followings Feasts are also celebrated.

*DavamathavinteJannanaPerunnal (Ettunombu) August 8th

The vanithasamajam members come together to prepare Pachorethe day before perunnal.

*DavamathavinteVangippuPerunnal August 15th

*Dhukrono of Ignatius Elias III Bava and YuliosBava week Sunday afterManjinikkaraPerunnal

*Dhukrono of ParumalaThirumeni 1st Sunday of November

Service Time

Sunday 7.00 Am Morning prayer
8.00 Am Holy Qurbana
10.00 Am Sunday School
Second Sunday 3.00 Pm Prayer Fellowship
Other Feast days 6.00 Am Morning Prayer
6.30 Am Holy Qurbana
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